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Get Organized



Being organized is a good thing, one can be more efficient with time, have better control over details, and, of course, have less stress.  In producing your product, it's best to have your materials handy so that you aren't wasting steps or wondering where that needed item is hiding.
Everyone's work space is different, and you may not have much room, but there are many guides to making the most out of the space that you have.
What we can do is to talk about your workflow and figure out the documents or checklists that are needed at particular points.  The goals are to increase your quality control, manage data so that it goes where it needs to go in as straightforward fashion as possible, and have it "spit out" on demand.
"We had earth citizen design create our labels for our popcorn products, also our letterheads, envelopes and such. After talking with us, Colleen created a web order process flow. We now use an Excel order form/packing slip (with macros) to ship and track our internet orders. This year we are building a warehouse and need to have a real inventory system in place. Colleen researched bar code scanners, and came up with one we could afford and that would do what we need. She programmed the scanner and met with our Quickbooks consultant so everything would work together. Colleen also created a database that would better manage some information than Quickbooks. I'm very happy with what she did for us, it will certainly make life easier!." Carl W.

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