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Brand awareness refers to the extent to which a brand can be recalled or recognized.  Marketing efforts are directed towards increasing brand awareness and they do so by many different advertising campaigns.
Graphic design work, if done well, fills a need in your business for visual representation and meets the implicit expectations of your clients and customers.  A name for your business without some kind of graphic element, even if it's a variation of the name, is not something you should omit.
If you've got ideas or thoughts scribbled on a piece of paper we'll start from there.
We all are familiar with logos such as those of Pepsi, Walmart, Tide (laundry detergent) and many, many more.
Perhaps it cannot be explained, but people would say that the logo "fits" the company it stands for.
What logos give us is lightning quick information.  We take in a picture better than words.  The efforts to promote a company are designed to foster immediate recognition and we either like or dislike the brand.
Suffice it to say that there are many variables and it is a deep subject...certain images would jar, like having an angry tiger logo for baby lotion, we'd more likely see a happy baby.
One important note, here, a lack of consistency or quality control can destroy a brand.
""After I retired, I wanted to start my own consulting business. I felt like a had a team working for me when I started working with earth citizen design. She created a logo, which I love, by starting with my favorite picture of an old school house. I quickly had business cards and other print items. And shortly after that, I had a website. Everything is congruent and looks just like I envisioned it! I also needed an editor for my copy, Colleen had some excellent suggestions. And setting up a merchant account proved to be no sweat. I am very busy and Colleen helped me with tasks that I didn't expect but were a blessing!" Al A.

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