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Starting a small business?
Here's affordable help!

Make a plan, set up efficient procedures, and "hey, how 'bout a logo". Do you need one? Probably.


IMAGE & ORGANIZATION: With over twenty years experience, we benefit our clients by having a business background as well as being adept in design, print and web media.

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A business entails more than a creating a product with loving care...

At least some of these are pertinent: Filling out Department of Revenue forms, getting permits and licenses, setting payment options, developing a marketing plan and advertising, creating an online presence, getting business cards, a brochure, a flyer and more, of course, and doing all this in your spare time, when you are not creating your wonderful product. 

Knowing your true costs is essential, you have a product but you may "go broke" producing and selling at a loss.  Some important questions that need answering are:  Who is your customer, why should they buy your product, what need does your product fill, and do your marketing materials match up with your product and what you want to communicate about your product. How do you get the best "bang for your buck" in marketing your product(s)?

Working with us means being able to answer those questions and also creating an image that best represents your business. That gives a cohesive and polished look to all your marketing materials and facilitates brand recognition.

You can increase your efficiency, you will make progress on the goals you have set. 

If you need to borrow funds, you can also get a good start on your business plan.



A client comment regarding our services:

"I wanted to start my life coaching services and had no idea where to begin; earth citizen design helped me with the necessary steps. Colleen helped me formulate a mission statement, designed my custom logo and color scheme, and helped me with copywriting. She created a custom website with photos and made me an easy tool to keep track of client notes.  
Colleen was very prompt and efficient at what she did. She was also flexible and easy to get a hold of despite that fact that she is working on detail oriented projects. I continue to enjoy working with her, as she's always available whenever I need to make an update. I would recommend her to anyone, she's a joy to work with". Jovita B.


Each client has their own unique situation, we can step in at whatever point is needed or desired.

"One of my vendors had promised to create our menus for our new restaurant...but lo and behold...our restaurant was ready to open but no menus! Colleen took my Word document (with numerous spelling errors) and created stylish menus that matched our logo and business cards for both our bar and our restaurant in record time. We loved them and I could cross one more things off my list before opening day!" Jimmy W.
I had been painting for other contractors but wanted to go out on my own. I knew nothing about computers but I knew how to paint.  Colleen helped me to set up an Excel file so that I can make a quote to a customer and keep track of income and expenses.  I can print quotes with my logo on demand or email them as pdf files, which I didn't know how to do before Colleen helped me.  The logo she created I really like, and now I have letterheads and business cards...I'm so much farther ahead than I was a few months ago.  Next, we'll be working on a web site and social media. also stuff I knew nothing about.  Colleen has such a creative eye and so much experience about  the details of business, I recommend her wholeheartedly!"   Tim H.
"I wanted to start marketing myself to churches as a Women's speaker. I didn't know where to start, I only knew that I had a goal. Colleen was wonderful in helping me to figure out my priorities and get my plans off the ground. She has great instincts and experience in the areas I feel I it was wonderful teamwork!" Rev. Kathy T.



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