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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help

 Welcome to the World Wide Web!

Your store never closes, everyone who reads English (if you need a translation we can do that) can access your products and services anytime, day or night. Below is a list of web related products that we offer.

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Whether you're looking to create a new web site, or spruce up your current site, we make sure that your presence on the internet is consistent with the rest of your visual identity and that your site has the features that you need.

The rent on your virtual space is little compared to the opportunities.  If you want to increase your exposure, a website is more than a great brochure if you only hand out business cards.  If you're serious about creating a brand, a website is a must.

In addition to graphic design and copywriting, we make it easy by registering your site's domain name and offering hosting services.

Points to consider are pages designed for desktop and mobile devices and that are search engine friendly.

We can submit your website to major search engines. 

Our services include updating your site as needed, or helping you to do so with content management systems.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly important to businesses, and we can build those pages for you, also.

If you want to register your own domain, we offer these and other services at the following link:
ECD Web Services

Having us build and maintain your web site assures that you have a consistent company image. No need to ask technical people to design graphics or write copy. Whether it's an on-line brochure or an e-commerce site, earth citizen design makes sure your web site does the job for you.

Here are some of the features you might want to include on your site:

1. Animation. When used judiciously, animation helps hold a prospective customer's attention. But more is not better. People using dial-up connections tend to have little patience waiting for animation to download. And if your purpose is to sell...Well, there are people who browse web sites looking for fun, interesting animation. They usually don't buy anything. Shoppers, on the other had - people predisposed to buying something - can
become impatient with animation. If they feel the animation hinders their search, they'll move on to the next site.

2. Sound. Just like animation, when used judiciously, tasteful, appropriate sound on your web site can hold a prospect's attention. But, if it comes across as a cheap, technical gimmick, they move on.

3. Site visitor statistics. If you're really serious about aggressively marketing your business on the web, we strongly recommend the use of these tools. They range in complexity from simple counters all the way up to detailed analyses of how visitors came to your site and what they looked at while visiting.

4. Dynamic web forms. This allows visitors to your site to enter information into a form - such as an order form - that your site collects for you so you can, for example, fill an order.

5. Dynamic web pages. If you want your customers to manage their own accounts on your web site, this is what you need. Usually keyed to an account name and password, this feature lets your customers access information from a database that interacts with your web site.

6. Web forum. Not quite a "chat room", this feature allows people who visit your site to engage in on-line, text-based "conversation". It's a great feature for responding to customer questions.

Having a web site for your business is just about as essential as having a business card. With our web site services, you can have confidence knowing that your site portrays the same image as all the other “customer facing” aspects of your business. And you can have confidence in the knowledge that your site is loaded with just the right features.  Call us at 608-669-0800 to get more information about how we can help.

f you'd like to look at some of our sites go to:
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