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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help


We specialize in the needs of small and start-up businesses.  We are first a business helping other small businesses.

I've said this before, when we got tired of doing things the hard way and got a little smarter, those hard won gains turned a light bulb on. 

The decision to focus on and treat someone's business as a whole entity was natural. The discussions with our clients were never just about "I need a card".  Graphics are only a part of what we do.

Some clients, of course, are business veterans, but those who are new to business can be assured that we will listen to their story and then offer some suggestions that will save them time, frustration and foster success down the road.

Some of the Things We've Helped Our Clients With Are:

Mission Statement (reason for being)
Unique Selling Point (what's offered that's unique from others)
Who are my target customers?
How do I stay organized?
How can I keep track of expenses?
What's the best way to reach my target customers?

How can I track my promotions?
How do I write a good sales letter?
How should I manage inventory?

It's very rewarding to help someone make their idea a solid reality.  It's also a creative process which I love. 

We’re a small business, too. We know first hand, just like you, how important it is to be agile, resourceful and frugal. We see ourselves as your stewards, always seeking ways to get the most for your money.

We Deliver:

When you work with us you get:
1  Us focused on your business, helping you. 
2. Products and services tailor-made for your business.
3. Other tools that you may need. 
4.  Reasonable, affordable pricing.  We keep OUR costs down.
5. Clear, straightforward explanations of the costs and benefits of all your options.

Beyond Full Service:

Our favorite thing to do is to help business owners become more successful. We want to be on your team.  Here are other important things to consider.  Click next.

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