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 Standard Paper Stocks

Premium Bright White Smooth bright white BC-2
Cream Bristol Smooth creamy BC-3
Linen Bright White Linen textured white BC-3
Linen Soft White Linen textured off-white BC-3
Linen Ivory Linen textured creamy BC-3
Linen Vintage Grey Linen textured gray color BC-3
Linen China Blue Linen textured light blue BC-3
Linen Tan Linen textured medium tan color BC-3
Linen Mauve Linen textured medium rose color BC-3
Linen Granite White Linen  textured blue white with flecks BC-3
Linen Granite Silver Linen textured grey with white flecks BC-3
Linen Granite Natural Linen textured light tan with fleck BC-3
Laid Bright White Textured white paper BC-3
Laid Natural White Textured creamy white BC-3
Laid Ivory Textured ivory color BC-3
Laid Feather-Gray Textured light grey, feathery flecks BC-3
Laid Victorian Gray Textured grey with feathery flecks BC-3
Laid Sand White Textured gray white BC-3
Fibre-Tone White Smooth White with flecks BC-4
Fibre-Tone Silver Smooth silver with flecks BC-4
Fibre-Tone Natural Smooth creamy with flecks BC-4
Parchtint Natural Creamy colored, parchment-like BC-4
Parchtint PInk Creamy pink colored, parchment-like  BC-4
Parchtint Blue Sea-foam colored, parchment-like  BC-4
Hi-Gloss White Glossy white paper BC-4
Deluxe Parchment Parchment paper (with translucence) BC-6
Treasure Cote Pearl Glossy textured pearl colored paper BC-6
Treasure Cote Ivory Glossy ivory colored paper, slight texture BC-6
Treasure Cote Silver Matte silver colored paper BC-6
Treasure Cote Gold Matte gold colored paper BC-6
Treasure Cote Ruby Glossy red colored paper BC-6
Treasure Cote Saphire Glossy blue colored paper BC-6
Treasure Cote Onyx Glossy black colored paper BC-6
Strathmore Ultimate White 88# BC-6
Strathmore Natural White 88#  BC-6
Strathmore Soft Grey 88#  BC-6
Strathmore Soft Blue 88#  BC-6
Leatherette Ivory Smooth leather look in an ivory color BC-6
Woodgrain Natural light oak looking paper BC-6
Brite Blue BC-4
Fluorescent LIme BC-6
Brite Yellow BC-4
Brite Pink BC-4
Fluorescent Mango BC-6

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