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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help

 Services We Offer

Our services include: (See links for more info.)
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Business Consulting

Helping you with tools to increase your efficiency.

Helping you formulate a mission statement.

Helping you to define your market and how best to reach your customers.

Helping to keep track of important data like promotion results.

Creating a Business Plan

Graphic Design

Designing anything you need,
a logo,
business card,

brochures are not just graphics, the text takes first place. Some copywriting assistance may be needed. 

And more not listed here.

 We can also reformat a design for other purposes.

Copywriting, Newsletters

Take advantage of our professional services or pinch hit with Colleen.  Our professional can write newsletters or assist with advertising and promotions.

Web Site Services

Once your site is on-line, it may not be found.  Even if the page is properly created and with the correct tags, etc, if you are in a very competitive field you may need to enlist a search engine optimization specialist.  Our specialist is someone that won't shunt you off to someone else once you've signed the bottom line.

Direct Marketing Distribution

Tailoring your message to an individual customer is an example of database marketing.  The difference between sending messages to everyone in an area versus sending it to only the people who you've selected as likely targets and already know much about.

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