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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help


Digital printing can make printing presentation folders affordable, even if you only need a small quantity.

There is a continuum of products that a small business can start with in order to appear professional and organized. Business cards, flyers, brochures, product can mail out or tack up a flyer, but when you have more than will fit in a standard number 10 envelope, a presentation folder will tell your prospective customer that you are mean business.

Designing a presentation folder can follow directly from your business card.  Not a great amount of design time.

There are a number of styles to choose from.

Standard 9 x 12 Folders

3 Panel Pocket Folders

Legal 9 X 14.5 Folders

Folders with Stitched Inserts

Key Card / Gift Card Holder

Blank Presentation Folders

Linen Folders

Capacity Folders

Folders with CD sleeve

With any marketing activity, you need a way to track results.  If you don't, an opportunity to gain information as to what works is lost.

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