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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help

 Making Plans (and Goals) for your Business

Before we get specific, here's an important point: (You can check out Jeff Walker's web pages for more detail on his "Product Launch" products), Be careful NOT to create a product that buyers don't want. They may need it, but if it's not what they want, it won't sell and you will waste your time and money. With the ability to easily get feedback during a product creation process, one can eliminate this scenario.

About Goals:

It is an old saying that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. At this moment, I can't remember whom to credit for that pithy gem, but it's true unless someone is extremely lucky or gifted at working every moment "off the cuff". 

Once a plan is made, target goals can be set. These need to be measurable, not vague.  Big goals can be broken up into smaller ones so that they can be handled in an easier fashion...not so overwhelming.  We here at earth citizen design are a big fan of positive affirmations.  One can make a positive affirmation about anything. The affirmation should be specific. 

Paraphrasing Proverbs 23: For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he...The question is, what are you going to put into your heart and mind? What are you going to meditate on?

Failures will occur, but the right mindset will allow you to learn from them and move on.

Remember this about goals, they need to be:

1. Specific

2. Measurable

3. Attainable

4. Realistic

5. Timely

About business plans:

When you need to borrow money for your business, the bank will want to see your business plan. Link here to learn about what's required in a business plan a bank will want to see if you need a loan.

The following two paragraphs are the preamble to the "creating a business plan page" but the points are extremely important so they are included here also.

How much do you need to earn from you business? If you don't have a clear target goal for your finances, then you are probably destined to have a "hobby" that takes up your day but but doesn't fill your wallet.  If you start out with a "hobby" that grows, that's great, but if you don't take the time, or hire someone to fill important information gaps, you might as well enjoy the landscape as a tourist, not a "business citizen".

The time spent in researching the "landscape" of your business might be tedious, or uncomfortable, or even be worse than having a root canal...but it is necessary. Even if it takes you many months to gather all the information that you need.  You don't need to "run" but you should at least "stroll". 

If you haven't gotten farther than an idea, a product or service and some business cards, it would most assuredly be helpful to go through our intake questionnaire.  Can be done over the phone, or with Team Viewer, with Skype, or in person.

For us, it's a glorious thing to help someone get their day, their week, their month, their year organized; majorly improved from something haphazard or chaotic.  Success in business is sweet.

We can take baby steps or tackle more issues, making goals and steps to reach them.  It's up to you, but just having those ideas and concepts simmering in your mind, somewhere, will be a good thing, even if you don't take any actions until later.

What does a "plan" look like?  Well, it can have many faces.  A budget plan may be an Excel file that is made for your business that you can enter into daily or weekly, that will tally automatically at the end of the year.

A marketing plan could include how you will track promotions that you make, so you can reproduce the ones that are the most successful.

And, on and on.  Different business nuts and bolts that can be formatted for you and your specific needs.

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