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 Frequently Asked Questions     
Link here for a Glossary of Terms.

What does the term "camera ready" mean?

Camera ready:  Refers to artwork that is ready to print, ie. with no further steps required to make it so.  Artwork is the proper size, resolution, with included fonts and bitmaps.  If bleeds are needed then artwork should extend 1/8th inch beyond the borders of the item.  For example, a business card is 2 x 3.5 inches.  With bleeds all around the artwork would be 2.25 x 3.75 inches.

How can I reduce my printing costs?

It's more economical per piece to print higher quantities.  Printing smaller quantities digitally is cheaper than four color process, (less machine set-up).

How can I minimize my design costs? 

When asked, give targeted feedback to your designer.  Make sure that you've given your designer the proper information for the task.  Don't be vague.  Your designer wants to make the design work for the output...meaning if you are putting an black and white ad in the yellow pages, that has different considerations than if you are making a poster.

Jazzing up a simple design:

Sometimes you have maximum flexibility when we come up with a one or two color design.  Use foil or embossing instead of inkwhen you want to add a "wow" factor.

Can I use the artwork you created for other projects? 

Yes, with certain considerations.  It's best to let us know what you're needing.  Sometimes we have to adjust the art to meet the needs.

Why is registration Important?  

Colors touching or within 1/16" of each other sometimes add a registration charge to the total charges.

What is the difference between flat and raised inks: 

Raised ink is the process known as thermography. Having PART of your card printed with RAISED INK and PART WITHOUT costs more than having it all done with one process.  It takes additional steps to complete the work. 

What is a bleed?

When colors go within 1/16 inch of the border of your card, ( the edge) there is a bleed charge.
EACH EDGE OF YOUR PRODUCT IS CONSIDERED: If the design goes off all four edges of a business card the bleed cost would be times four.

What about backside printing?

If your design includes text/graphics on the back, that will add to the cost for some items.  Some printer will print the both sides of a business card for one fee.

What does PantoneĀ® refer to?

If your design requires an exact color match, or spot color, that adds additional charges. Pantone has a system to simplify/standardize pigments and colored inks; thus if you ask for a certain Pantone color in your artwork, it will come out exactly as you expect; that is not always the case as things look different from your monitor when they are printed.


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