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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help


Digital printing can make printing letterheads and envelopes affordable, even if you only need a small quantity.  We use our own full color laser printer when very small quantities are required.  They can be changed on the fly with no trouble.

Designing a letterhead or envelope can follow directly from your business card.  Not a great amount of design time. There are a number of paper stocks to choose from, a simple one color design can look stunning with the right paper.  If your materials look cohesive, you present a professional image.

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Here's an envelope and letterhead from Wisconsin Gold Harvest...which you can see is quite colorful and cheerful.  It matches the "happy product" being popcorn.  The envelope design had to fit the parameters of the owner's printer so it was a challenge to make it look balanced.

WGH envelope

WGH letterhead


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