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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help


Embossing is the process of using a die (see die cutting) to create a relief in a design. Embossing a business card, for example, uses a die, not to cut out a shape, but to shape a raised area into a surface, by pressing the die into the paper.

To do this, a die created from the artwork is required, not an inexpensive process. Call 608-669-0800 for a quote or email

With that being said, a design with embossing can be stunning and elegant. Embossing is versatile. It's appropriate when you want to make a statement.

When you contact us for a quote on custom embossin please include the quantity desired. It's more economical to print larger quantities. It's a process that would be VERY expensive for a small number of business cards, for example. We need to see your artwork to give you an accurate quote.


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