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 Direct Marketing Services

Information is key. Any time you have a transaction with a customer and you can gather information you'll be ahead. There are lots of ways to capture information. And if you start out this way, it's like compound interest at the bank. You won't need to pay for a list of potential buyers for your business. Call 608-669-0800 for a quote or email
We can help, though, if you don't have a list started. We offer two forms of direct marketing distribution:

A. Standard. Using your mailing list, or we can get one for you, we'll print and mail your post card, sales letter or self-mailer using the most cost-effective method.

B. Database. A very powerful tool, database marketing means that we send different, tailored messages
to your prospective and current customers based on their individual needs, preferences and past buying patterns.
For example, say you run a bookstore. An author just publishes a new book. If you have the data, we can send a post card to your customers who have purchased books by this author in the past.

Just send us a data file containing customer contact information and recent purchases, including author's name. And give us a list of new titles coming out, including author's name. We'll compare the two lists to see which of your customers' favorite authors have new books coming out.

We'll design an invitation - postcards are usually most cost-effective - to your customers. But every postcard will not be the same. According to matches between your data file and the list of new titles, each post card will be tailored. Each customer will be informed about a new book by their favorite author and invited to your bookstore to get a copy. And, of course, we'll mail the postcards for you.

Stepping up to this level is an example of database marketing. It's a very powerful marketing tool. If you have the data, earth citizen design can deliver this powerful marketing to you.

And even if you don't have the data, we can find lists to help you target your customers appropriately.


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