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 Die Cutting

What is die-cutting? (Embossing is different.)  Here's an example of die-cutting in printing.  If you want a business card in an irregular shape, you need a die to cut that shape.  The die has to be created, requiring meticulous work. The die must be designed so that it cuts the desired material with minimal waste.  (Most would agree an expensive process.) Call 608-669-0800 for a quote or email

Here's a more official definition:  Die cutting is a process used to produce quantities of the same shape from a material (like paper or plastic).   Sharp, specially shaped blades are used in die cutting. The blade is bent into the desired shape and mounted to a strong backing. The result is known as a die. The material being cut is placed on a flat surface with a supportive backing, and the die is pressed onto the material to cut it.

Embossing a business card, for example, uses a die, not to cut out a shape, but to shape a relief into a surface, by pressing the die into the paper, not cutting it.

With that being said, a design with a diecut (or embossing) for certain printed products can be stunning and elegant.   It can put you head and shoulders above what your competitors are presenting with promotional materials.

Please contact us for a quote on custom die cutting.  Include the quantity desired.  It's more economical to print larger quantities.  It's a process that would be VERY expensive for a small number of business cards, for example.  We need to see your artwork in order to give you an accurate quote.


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