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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help

 Design Services

Design services are quoted by the job, after we have spoken with you about your needs. Here's a link to our Frequently Asked Questions Page regarding color and other design issues.  Also go to our glossary of terms if there is a term we use that's not familiar to you.  The use of color or not is important to consider, link here for more information on color.

Call 608-669-0800 for a quote or email We do the best job we can; after all, our business grows by word of mouth.  A customer's great satisfaction is always what we aim for and we don't stop until we hit the target.  If you'd like to see an example of how we create a unique design, link here. For information on reformatting a design you have for another purpose, go here.

Talking About Graphic Design

To us, graphic design is like matchmaking - matching the proper design elements to your type of business, your products & services, and the type of customers you serve. If you've got ideas or thoughts scribbled on a piece of paper we'll start from there.

Among the questions that we ask you are: Who are your customers? What products and services do you offer?
Obviously your design would have certain characteristics if you were selling toys for toddlers and very different qualities if you were selling computers.

More than just "pretty" or "artful", we'll make sure your design is matched to your products and services, and to hold the attention of the people who'll see it.

How and where do you plan to use the design? On envelopes and stationery? On billboards? On your web site? On your truck? We'll make sure your design is clear and effective in all the places you'll use it.

The better our communication is between us and you and your team the faster we'll come with what is perfect for you, so speak up and give feedback when asked for.

We provide everything needed to finish the job for you including:
1. Any photographs you may need.
2. Copywriting
3. Printing

Looking at Copywriting
Now this may sound odd coming from a graphic design perspective, but logos by themselves don't sell. And the reason you're in business is to make sales. The first job of a graphic designer is to grab the attention of your prospective customers. Unless we grab customer attention, you never make any sales. But just grabbing attention is not enough to close the sale.

Which leads to the graphic designer's second job: To transition the prospect's attention to the message you want to convey - and keep the prospect there until they buy. This is the reason earth citizen design offers professional copywriting services. For more about this, see this page.

In summary, it doesn't make any sense to spend time and money to grab the attention of prospective customers, but then ignore what it takes to close the sale.

Direct Marketing Distribution
Suppose we created stationery and envelopes for you. And now you're ready to do a marketing campaign. Database marketing is a very powerful marketing tool. Link here to learn more.

Designing Web Sites
Having us build and maintain your web site assures that you have a consistent company image. Information of those products and services are here.


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