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We have covered this topic in another page, but it is so important that it deserves a page all it's own.  Call 608-669-0800 for a quote or email

The text that goes on your document, the copy, is probably the most overlooked design element, especially on web sites. That’s a shame. Because attention-getting design may get prospective customers to notice you. But it takes the words on the page, the persuasive case, to get them to do business with you.   We provide professional copywriting services.

If you have a well known brand, like Coke or Pepsi, the logo, meaning brand, may be all that you need to sell your product, otherwise logos don’t sell.  They are there to promote attention, congruency and brand recognition.  A brand takes time to build, there's much that goes on behind the scenes to make it successful.

A graphic designer's first job is to grab the attention of prospective customers – your prospective customers. Unless we grab customer attention, you never make any sales.  But just grabbing attention is not enough to close the sale.

Which leads to the graphic designer’s second job:  To transition the prospect’s attention to the message you want to convey – and keep the prospect there until they buy.  This is the reason we offer professional copywriting services.  There's a reason these writers get the big bucks.  Have you watched infomercials?

“Copy” is the text, the words that make up such things as brochures, web sites and catalogs.  The job of the “copy” is to make the argument, the persuasive case, for buying from your company.  We work with full-time professional copywriters who help our clients...if you don't or can't afford them at this time, then I can put my oar in.  Unless you're quite experienced at producing your own copy, chances are that our professional can help you significantly improve your message.

Many graphic design firms leave it up to you to provide your own copywriting.   That's OK, but if you provide poor quality copy and they don't give you a "heads up" about it, that's just wrong.  But if you’re a veteran sales professional with the ability to lead prospective customers through the sales process in written form, that’s fine if you have the time to do it.

Custom Newsletters

Suppose earth citizen design created stationery and envelopes for you. And now you want to start sending a newsletter to your customers. We make it easy for you. Here's how:

We design your newsletter using the same themes and design elements as your stationery and envelopes. Your customers instantly recognize the newsletter as coming from you. You portray a consistent company image.

Just tell us the topics you want to cover and we'll write your newsletter articles, too. As always, you get a "proof" copy to review and approve before anything gets printed.

We'll match the size and style of your newsletter with the best printer for the job and have it printed. Just give us your mailing list, and we'll send your newsletters out for you, too. Your mailing list is your property, not ours and is kept confidential.  This is an example of a standard direct mail distribution. But there's another here to see.

In summary, it doesn’t make any sense to spend time and money to grab the attention of prospective customers, but then ignore what it takes to close the sale.  That’s why we offer you the option of professional copywriting.  Or, you can pinch hit with yours truly.


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