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 Why Have a Business Card?

Is this a stupid question, well maybe not...

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Your business card is a networking tool.  (And remember, If you are a job-seeker, your business is YOU.)  Call 608-669-0800 for a quote or email

If you introduce yourself to a stranger, your business card (besides yourself) gives this new friend their first idea about your business.

Some thoughts about size, most people have slots in their wallet for the traditional size, so anything larger may get tossed as soon as you're out of sight.

Cheap cards with flimsy paper or ink that runs (put a drop of water on it as a test) are thrown away quicker.

Some experts feel that 3 colors are enough, unless your artwork is more like a photo.

If your card doesn't let people know what you do in a meaningful way, it gets tossed.  (My test is this; if someone found your card on the sidewalk, they should know what your business is about without you being there to tell them.)

A mechanic might want to have a car on his card...not a real, live rabbit.  Enough said.

The white space on the card needs to be balanced with the text and graphics, too much crammed into a small space makes it unfriendly to the eye, especially if someone has to squint to read it.  Think and be kind to your "over fifty" crowd.  Use the back of the card for more space, or consider a foldover business card.

Do you have your contact info on your card?  If someone doesn't have a physical address, that makes me wary of doing business with them, unless the nature of the business makes a physical address meaningless.  My bias is that one should have at least three ways of being contacted, and preferably four.

For the cost, business cards are a great marketing tool.

Carl Reid, a noted Business-to-Business Consultant & Career coach has a lot to say about the value of business cards.  Here's his web address:, and his blog:  He says:

1.  Bring them with you...make it a habit as you never know whom you'll run into.

2.  Put your business card in the envelope when you pay a bill.  It's an attitude...don't waste the moment...any moment, no matter how small.  You never know what the repercussion will be.

3.  If you give yours, ask for theirs.  Study theirs for a few seconds, take the time to appreciate it.  Ask a pertinent question that shows you're paying attention.  It's a people thing, you can't be too nice a person!

4.  Don't hoard your business cards, give two at at time, for the person you meet and one for them to hand out to someone else.  You want them to refer people to you, don't you?

5.  Ask people to do you a favor by referring someone to you.  Make it casual.  See above.  Be friendly, and ask for their card.

6.  Don't forget the fortuitous meetings that can happen anywhere, like at the grocery store, the chuch, a party, a parade, etc.  (See No. 1 above.)  Bring your business cards with you.

7  Use volunteer activities to others.  What goes around comes around, you never know whom you will meet.

8.  If you meet someone, send them a note of thanks, and include your card.  Give your meeting a second followup, so to speak.

9.  Send an invitation sized greeting card (hand addressed) to congratulate someone for their .....You fill in the blank.  Include your business card.  They will have a smile on their face when they receive your unexpected good thoughts for them, and they will remember you.

10.  Don't forget the value of a catchy slogan.  Include it on your business card.  It's a branding thing.   Make it meaningful and make it memorable.  If you can think of one yourself, great.


earth citizen design can help you with your slogan and also create a unique, memorable business card with the look you need; trendy, corporate, or out of this world!


We can help you with your image, your "unique selling point". Your business card is an affordable key to your customer. Take the time to sharpen your focus.  Success becomes more probable with proper planning and preparing. We can help.   


The more information and feedback you provide, both upfront and in process, the quicker we can design what you'll really love, and the less it will cost you. 


If you order a business card design, you can take
25% off the price of an additional design item, like letterheads.


Sometimes, simple one or two color designs can be cheaper to print than full color. That is not always the case, especially if specialty processes like embossing or foil are used. If necessary, we can adapt your design to meet different printing requirements. We can start with a full color design and make it simpler, or work in the opposite direction by starting with a minimum number of colors.

The nature of your business may make creating certain graphics a "no brainer", but we have ways of thinking outside the box that will get you noticed!

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