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A Brochure is a business essential when you need to showcase more information about your business than a business card can convey.   Brochures are portable marketing tools that should be designed for their audience.  What goes with a brochure?  Your business card, rolodex card (almost a dinosaur at this point) or magnet card and other marketing materials.  Call 608-669-0800 or email for a quote.

Points to keep in mind: 

Remember the business that you're in. 

Know who your customers/potential customers are.

Highlight your unique selling points and what you can do for your customers. 

What question are you answering for your customers?

Keep it simple.

Make it interesting and graphically pleasing.

Don't forget to include and set "in bold" your contact info.

Don't forget to highlight an offer, if you have one.

You may or may not want to include a deadline for action, most of the time it's a good idea.

Keep the differences between features and benefits in mind.

It pays to pay attention to the copy, the graphics are important in the sense that a picture may be worth a thousand words...yet, look at the difference in this copy:  "Widgets, one dollar each for a limited time", and "Widgets, free when you purchase a widget stand."    The picture of a widget alone wouldn't be enough!

Like any marketing effort, brochures take preparation, you get out what you put in unless you are very, very striking oil on your first dig.


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