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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help

 What's In It For You?....

What does great customer service mean to you? Great customer service means that:

Your business concerns remain confidential.  You deal with one person who is familiar with your history with us.  You won't be shuffled from one representative to the next, explaining again and again until you reach the right person.

Listening is our first else can be know where you are on your "business journey".  Then we ask questions.  Sometimes the answers are easy, sometimes they take some digging to reach the best answer.

Helping you to set priorities, make daily tasks efficient, create ways to track marketing are some of the things we address.
Any files created for you are kept, so you don't have to scratch your head and wonder where your they are.

Reordering is easy.   Just give us your name.

Simple text changes are always no charge with a reorder of print products.

For advertising services, we send your file to a non-competing provider free of charge for purposes such as Yellow Page advertisements, special promotional items, etc.

After your design has been created, you may need it for other purposes. For instance, the purchase of a business card design will allow you to add a letterhead or envelope design at a significantly reduced rate.  We are all about efficiency.
We can help you with your image, logo, and your "unique selling point". A great design gets your point across in a memorable fashion.  But your sales letter is not complete without text!  That's why we always have your copy in our mind, as well.

Do you know what your "reason for being" is? Is your message focused? Who are your customers? It's important to know the answers to those questions. 

Our ability to recognize you as a business first puts our focus where you're starting from.  We can help you market yourself and offer suggestions to get the most for your dollar. As we span both print and web we can give you a truly professional, cohesive look at an affordable rate!

We'd like to keep you coming back, both for our products and our service benefits.  Here's what we think about stewardship. We believe that your success is our success!

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