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Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help

 XITThinking About Color

It's true that printing with color USUALLY costs more than printing with black ink only, or with black and one color.

This example shows a sophisticated design for a business card in greyscale, (using only black and white as colors).  If you're on a very limited budget, perhaps request a design with one or two colors.  

However, It's possible to bring it to full color at a later time. It may also be important to think of the different applications you may want your design to fill. An example that comes to mind is a "Yellow Page" advertisement.  

We can either start with full color and reduce the number of colors when needed, or start with one or two colors and then change to full color.  One consideration is how many printed copies are usually required.  Digital output for smaller quantities won't cost more with full color, generally speaking. 

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