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 Sample Designs Business Cards

...a wide range of styles created for previous clients.  Click on the pictures to see enlarged.

XIT Solutions 

This design is a great example of what can be done with just black and white! The actual card that was created was holographic. Extra special!

Amielle Lake businses card Again, a one color ink (black) design.  The ink can be raised up (thermography), so the trees can have some depth.  The logo conveys the "Valley of Pines" name in a simple, attractive way.
Amielle Lake Here's the previous design showing how it would look with green instead of black as the ink color, shaded from dark to light green.
Amielle Lake card with color This shows an alternative design for the "Valley of PInes" client. This could be done in process color or spot color with raised ink.
Diallo The Diallo's have an African and American store, selling ethnic items, food and clothes.  They also tailor stunning outfits with amazingly beautiful cloth.  I scanned a piece of fabric that they gave me and used it to create the background for their card.
Kinderstate 90 For this card a tiny portion of Jeff's painting was used for the background.  His business was that of providing kids with a track to ride on, bordered by actual painted scenes from the real Interstate 90. His painting was very large, I took pictures of 1200 feet of hand painted fabric, stitching the pictures together digitally to create his seamless artwork which could then be reproduced.
A New Leaf "A New Leaf" Floral has an artistic rendering of flowers for this card. I took a picture of flowers, traced them, turned them into vector art and then "played". The colors remind you of Spring. The text is uncluttered.
A New Leaf in black and white If you wondered what "A New Leaf" Floral would look like in black and white, here it is.  It's still attractive, but I like the color better.
Kathy Tabor Kathy likes intense colors, her logo needed to graphically reflect the name of her women's ministry.  The font, colors and graphic elements relate "female" which is what she needed.
Sparling Martial Arts This logo was created with a picture of a student, edited to show less detail. The blue and gold and black have high contrast and give this card a "strong" look for this Martial Arts studio.

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