Starting or Growing a Business? earth citizen design can help!

We specialize in the product and service needs of small and start-up businesses. Our mission is to help people in small business grow their dreams.

Here's what you can depend on:

Starting or growing a business can be daunting; especially if certain necessary jobs are not part of your skill set. They can even take the joy out of doing what made you want to start a business in the first place!

The good news is that a little bit of organization can go a long way towards making your days go smoother. Tasks can be prioritized, goals can be set and a plan for action created.

Our team members have over thirty years experience in business. We've learned to do some things a lot smarter. Some clients come to us for print products like business cards..but soon find that our uncommon blend of services helps them focus on other important aspects of their business, not just their image. With earth citizen design, worries about "going it alone" go away.

Comments From:  Carl

"We had earth citizen design create our labels for our popcorn products, also our letterheads, envelopes and such.  After talking with us, Colleen created a web order process flow. We now use an Excel order form/packing slip (with macros) to ship and track our internet orders. This year we are building a warehouse and need to have a real inventory system in place.  Colleen researched bar code scanners, and came up with one we could afford and that would do what we need.  She programmed the scanner and met with our Quickbooks consultant so everything would work together.  Colleen also created a database that would better manage some information than Quickbooks. I'm very happy with what she did for us, it will certainly make life easier!."   Carl W.

Comments From:  Tim

"I had been painting for other contractors but wanted to go out on my own. I knew nothing about computers but I knew how to paint.  Colleen helped me to set up an Excel file so that I can make a quote to a customer and keep track of income and expenses.  I can print quotes with my logo on demand or email them as pdf files, which I didn't know how to do before Colleen helped me.  The logo she created I really like, and now I have letterheads and business cards...I'm so much farther ahead than I was a few months ago.  Next, we'll be working on a web site and social media. also stuff I knew nothing about.  Colleen has such a creative eye and so much experience about  the details of business, I recommend her wholeheartedly!"   Keith H.

Do you need to increase your sales?

We can discuss ways you can reach new customers
without breaking your bank.

Do you want a unique look for your company that's NOT from a template? 

Then we can help.  Your image will be professional and will be appropriate for your business.  Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, presentation folders, web site; all can be presented congruently (planned well); you won't look "fly by night".

Not sure about your next steps?

You may have a unique product or service that's now more than a you set things up as a business can mean the difference between an organized day or a day filled with hair pulling!

Is your paperwork out of control?

We've been there, too. We can create some organizational tools that will make life simpler.  Also, we can do some of those repetitive tasks which take you time, but us, less time, and voila! you can focus more on your critical activities.

Comments From:  Cheryl

"I am the president and founder of a dog rescue.  There are many duties which volunteers help out with, but there are some office jobs that just seem to trip up my day.  Little niceties that I want done and feel bad when they aren't.  I just don't have time!  But special "Thank You's" to the many who support this cause are important, so  I had earth citizen design take over the list, create the cards and mail them out.  All I have to do is send her a quick email and it's done.  I feel that much more organized and relieved that the people who deserve to be thanked, are thanked.  Cheryl C.

Comments From:  Jovita

"I wanted to start my life coaching services and had no idea where to begin; earth citizen design helped me with the necessary steps.  Colleen helped me formulate a mission statement, designed my custom logo and color scheme, and helped me with copywriting.  She created a custom website with photos and made me an easy tool to keep track of client notes.  Colleen was very prompt and efficient at what she did.  She was also flexible and easy to get a hold of despite that fact that she is working on detail oriented projects.  I continue to enjoy working with her, as she's always available whenever I need to make an update.  I would recommend her to anyone, she's a joy to work with.  Jovita B.

Do you need a flyer or other printed materials? 

We can print either in-house or use our array of wholesale printers.  Our fifteen year history in this field means that we have resources for you that will be the best for your pocketbook and for your finished products.

Comments From:  Li

"My husband and I own a restaurant; earth citizen design created our new logo and printed our menus and made our website.  When I need more menus, I just call her and pick them up.  When I need to change the coupon on our website I just call her and in short time it's done.  I don't have to wait long.  It's like takeout! "  Li L.

When you're on a time crunch, we're dedicated to meeting your schedule.

Comments From:  Jimmy

"One of my vendors had promised to create our menus for our new restaurant...but lo and behold...our restaurant was ready to open but no menus!  Colleen took my Word document (with numerous spelling errors) and created stylish menus that matched our logo and business cards for both our bar and our restaurant in record time.  We loved them and I could cross one more things off my list before opening day!"  Jimmy W

Do you need a web site and a domain name?

We can help you sort out your options and discuss SEO marketing, the importance of social media and reaching the mobile customer.

More comments from our clients:

"I wanted to start marketing myself to churches as a Women's speaker.  I didn't know where to start, I only knew that I had a goal.  Colleen was wonderful in helping me to figure out my priorities and get my plans off the ground.  She has great instincts and experience in the areas I feel I it was wonderful teamwork!"  Rev. Kathy T.

"After I retired, I wanted to start my own consulting business.  I felt like a had a team working for me when I started working with earth citizen design.  She created a logo, which I love, by starting with my favorite picture of an old school house.  I quickly had business cards and other print items.  And shortly after that, I had a website.  Everything is congruent and looks just like I envisioned it!  I also needed an editor for my copy, Colleen had some excellent suggestions.  And setting up a merchant account proved to be no sweat.  I am very busy and Colleen helped me with tasks that I didn't expect but were a blessing!"   Al A.

"I learned about earth citizen design from my brother.  Colleen sat down with me and spent a lot of time in creating my custom logo.  I needed to update the look of my father's business after he passed.  The nature of my business dictated that this was something I couldn't find at an office services store.  She was great at pulling from me the vision I had but couldn't make myself.  (That ended up with her taking original photos and going from there.) And I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg!  I'm very happy with the outcome."  Kathy C.

"I have two businesses and earth citizen design created logos for both, and now I have a business card that promotes both businesses! I get so many compliments on those cards! Colleen even helped me with my accounting program so that I could print my invoices and envelopes with my logo on them.  I would recommend her to any one!   Greg C.

"My new business involved creating a special activity center for kids.  I painted over 1000 feet of canvas (36 inches tall) with scenes from New York to Seattle.  Then it had to be put into a digital format.  No one else could figure out how to do it, but earth citizen design made a custom "unwinder" for my canvas and a custom holder for a camera.  They took photos of each frame and "stitched them back together" to make a seamless digital picture!  Colleen and Carl are amazing!  If you've got a crazy project that no one else can do, just give them a call."   Jeff L.

The above comments are from some of our satisfied clients. It's our great pleasure to help you work smarter and look better. Ultimately It's a team effort, but we don't succeed unless you do!

You have nothing to lose by giving us a call, or filling out our form, just below.  Our mission is to help someone every day with their business, whether it be graphics, printing, web products, increasing sales or general organization.  Our reputation is built one customer at a time.  If you've a dream of starting in business, we can be a great first step.

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To learn more about how we can help you:

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Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

You've nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time, so give us a call and find out how we can help you today!

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